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How to Apply for World Bank Young Professionals Program


World Bank Young Professionals Program: The annual Young Professional Program (YPP), an initial of World Bank Group is currently ongoing and open for application. The program is aimed at growing young talents who will in turn help to drive the WBG skill areas in technical/operations to include economics, engineering, finance, education, social sciences, urban planning, public health, agriculture and natural resources.

Successful candidates in this program would be expected to serve in WBG’s top technical and managerial positions.

PLACE OF SCHOLARSHIP:All Member Countries of World Bank Group
PROGRAM CATEGORY:Full-Time Internship program
PROGRAM DURATION:The program is structured into 24 months developmental training and 5year contract term
AVAILABLE SLOTS:45 to 50 candidates absorbed yearly


Coming up next are the base prerequisites to be qualified for the Young Professionals Program.

  • You have to be conceived on or after October 1, 1987
  • A PhD or Master’s qualification and significant work understanding
  • Fluency in English
  • Full capability in at least one of the WBG’s working dialects — Arabic, Chinese, French, Portuguese, Russian, and Spanish — is wanted, however not required
  • Specialization in a field pertinent to the WBG Technical/Operations, for example, financial matters, account, training, general wellbeing, sociologies, designing, urban arranging, agribusiness, normal assets, and others
  • At least three years of pertinent expert experience identified with advancement or proceeded with scholarly examination at the doctoral level

Extra Qualifications for the World Bank Group Young Professionals Program

To be serious for the predetermined number of positions, a mix of the accompanying certifications is profoundly attractive:

  • Show a responsibility and energy for worldwide turn of events
  • Possess remarkable scholastic certifications
  • Exhibit incredible customer commitment and group administration
  • Have global advancement nation experience

Remuneration and Benefits

Salary: As a passage level proficient in the WBG, Young Professionals are offered a universally serious pay, in view of their training and expert experience.

Wellbeing, Life, Accident, and Other Insurance Programs:

Youthful Professionals and their families (counting announced residential accomplices) may browse three far reaching clinical/dental advantage plans. The WBG likewise gives fundamental life and mishap protection to all staff at no expense, and staff can choose discretionary life and mishap protection plans. The WBG gives incapacity and laborers’ remuneration inclusion to staff at no expense.

The WBG supports a far reaching benefits plan for qualified staff. Upon division from the WBG, either a single amount or a benefits will get payable to the staff dependent on qualification.

Movement and Transportation Benefits:

These advantages are just appropriate to staff who are not inhabitants of the more prominent Washington-Baltimore metropolitan zone at the hour of arrangement. The World Bank will bear the expense of single direction transportation of staff and quick ward family from the staff part’s living arrangement.

A one-time award is remembered for the primary check to take care of the expense of movement.

Significant Notes:

  • Staff Members who are not residents (or in the U.S. legitimate changeless occupants) and have lived in the Host Duty Station zone for a year or all the more quickly going before acknowledgment of (an) arrangement; (b) reappointment following a break in administration are ineligible for Relocation and Transportation Benefits.
  • Staff Members who are residents (or in the U.S., legal lasting occupants) of the Host Duty Station nation and have lived in the Host Duty Station nation for a year or all the more promptly going before acknowledgment of (an) arrangement; (b) reappointment following a break in administration; are ineligible for Relocation and Transportation Benefits.

Portability Premium: A money related advantage is accommodated a fixed period to cover costs related with being an ostracize staff part, in view of family size and nationality. This advantage isn’t accessible for U.S. residents and U.S. changeless occupants.

Duty Allowance: U.S. staff get an extra quarterly installment to cover the government, state, and neighborhood personal duty liabilities on their World Bank Group pay. Ostracizes and U.S. perpetual occupants don’t bring about U.S. personal duty obligation and are in this manner not qualified for this advantage.

Money related Assistance: The World Bank Group offers a few monetary help programs, including a two-year premium free settling-in advance to the individuals who move upon arrangement.

Application Procedures for the World Bank Group Young Professionals Program (YPP) 2020:

Before You initiate the Application, it would be ideal if you guarantee the accompanying, that:

  • You meet the base necessities for qualification for the Young Professionals Program and,
  • You have all the current data including key dates, a refreshed Curriculum Vitae (CV), Education Certificates/Transcripts, PhD Dissertation/Master’s Thesis points (short synopsis), if appropriate, and the Application Essay fit to be transferred.

Guidelines for the 2020 Application Selection Process

The worldwide network is dashing to accomplish the Sustainable Development Goals in under 12 years, with trillions of dollars expected to convey on the guarantee. Covering emergencies, from environmental change to pandemics, cataclysmic events to constrained removal, take steps to eradicate hard-earned improvement gains, and memorable financial changes, to some extent from innovative progression and disturbance, present dangers for nations, yet in addition openings on the off chance that they have made the fundamental interests in their kin, networks, and economies to exploit them.

The world needs accomplices that can help address the difficulties of today, while making the speculations to get ready for the difficulties of tomorrow. By offering financing, information, experience, and a drawn out responsibility to its nation customers, the World Bank is a believed accomplice for every one of its individuals to help change economies and advance the 2030 reasonable improvement plan. With a strategic end extraordinary destitution and lift shared thriving, the World Bank underpins its customer nations in three need territories: advancing feasible, comprehensive monetary development; contributing more—and all the more viably—in individuals; and building flexibility to delicacy, stuns, and dangers to the worldwide economy.

The Bank applies this three-pronged methodology over all divisions of advancement with the goal that nations make the incorporated speculations that can best assist individuals with lifting themselves out of neediness. (Concentrate from the 2018 WBG Annual Report)

Depict in less than 1,000 words your own commitment to the Bank’s strategic (you were to work for the World Bank Group) and the possible job of World Bank in settling a portion of the above difficulties. You may concentrate on a locale or set of nations just as your specialized topic to depict your proposition.

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